Media Lab & Center for Civic Media at the Mozilla Festival, 4-6 November in London

24 Aug 2011 21:05

It's official! Matt Stempeck, Dan Schultz and I, colleagues at the MIT Media Lab and Center for Civic Media, are attending the Mozilla Festival on Media, Freedom, and the Web in London from 4-6 November!

We're also going to hold a meetup at The Lamb in Bloomsbury on the evening of Thursday, 3 Nov. Feel free to drop in for a pint anytime from 6pm to 9:30pm! We would love for you to join us! (Sign up on Eventbrite)

About the Mozilla Festival

"The Mozilla Festival brings together Open Web developers, Journalists, and Media Educators to share, design, and build real projects that we hope can change the world and the web."

Here's what's happening at the festival (full schedule here):

Center for Civic Media in London, Cambridge, and at the Mozilla Festival

Matt and I are arriving a couple days earlier to meet interesting people and discuss potential projects. During the festival itself, we will be hosting an ideas & brainstorming session as well as demoing our projects in the Web Media Science Fair:

Design and Discuss: Help design a nutrition label for the news

We feed our brains a lot of junk, but we don't always have much information about the information we consume. The MIT Media Lab's Center for Civic Media is embarking on an ambitious project to visualize your media diet, and we need your creativity. Which nutrients and additives should we look for? How would you visually design a label that's informative and appealing? How should we go about mapping the entire media ecosystem to make it all possible? Come share your thoughts and ideas with Matt Stempeck, Nathan Matias, and Dan Schultz. (read more)

MediaRDI News Box (photos here and here)

Inspired by a study done by the Media Standards Trust, we're analyzing several decades of US newspaper coverage to see if international reporting has decreased, even as newspapers publish more total content than ever before. Jog through the last twenty years of New York Times front-page coverage, month by month, and see for yourself.


How does a tweet go from 140-character observation to world-changing trend? Media Cloud was built to make it easy for you to track how ideas spread in the new media landscape. A joint project of Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society and MIT's Center for Civic Media, Media Cloud pulls feeds from tens of thousands of sources, including both the traditional press and bloggers. The result is a rich, open database for you to analyze and explore.

Our time in London is short, and we're trying to see as many people as possible. Do drop us a note if you're going to be around!